A Little Message For The Day …


Good Morning Friends

I love this reminder today..

The Law of Attraction, the Law of Generosity and the Law of Love,

When we manifest we do need to consider all of the manifestation phases,

As the quote says, The Law of Attraction is not enough on its own, the other laws has to be respected and practiced as well.

Be Generous and Love more, be open and manifest the life you want.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx


A Little Message For The Day …

“Love Stories”

Good day Friends.

Great love stories are only great because they are not only spoken but those acted upon.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

Card For Today – 13 April 2022

Ace of Cups / Chalices Upright

This is a very positive card which has presented itself today,

This card in its most direct interpretation is referencing to the subconscious mind, senses, emotion and intuition. The dove in the card represents divine love which flows back and forth from your subconscious to conscious awareness and reminds you to listen to your own inner voice.

The Ace of Cups often represents a new relationship, this relationship can be anything from friendship, a new romance, a new family member or connection or simply someone that you share something very special with. For you to experience and to receive unconditional love you have to be prepared to open yourself up to this abundance. Release the baggage of the past before starting something new, especially if you have been deeply hurt in the past and is still clearing that old trauma.

The Ace of Cups can also signify conception, birth or pregnancy, but it can also represent the birth of a new creation or inspiration, this card askes for a time of giving and not taking during this abundant inflow of divine love, take every opportunity to help someone else, remember the universal law, the more you give the more you will receive. This help can be given in any way, love, positive energy or simply making those around you happy.

You are now open to creative expression if you allow your emotions to come forward in your work. You are who you are and you should feel comfortable to express yourself to others, this card represents that you are ready to do just that. Your imagination is on point and there are so much creative energy flowing through you, take on new projects at this time, the creative energy will help with your ideas and decisions. Trust your gut and don’t over-analyze situations.

When this card shows up in a reading, it brings a message of abundant divine love, it also brings with it the reminder of love for creation and all its living beings. The universe is giving us a very deep spiritual love, which for us receiving love and giving love is overflowing.

All this card asks is for you to embrace the divine love provided by the universe, be affectionate and loving and share to others what you have overflowing within yourself.

Financially this card signifies financial stability and emotional contentment that is carried with it. There is also some financial support in this card from family members and friends if you so request, feel comfortable that this represents that there will be support if you have already asked.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

Card for Today …

“King of Pentacles”

The reading for today brings us the King of Pentacles upright.

The king of pentacles represents material wealth, financial abundance and worldly success, he is a faithful provider and with his ambition and confidence he creates his wealth himself and for others.

Through this he also provides self-worth which he shares with the people around him. This also brings a fatherly figure which provides others with advice, wisdom, guidance in work and financial related matters.

With this card you can translate a vision that you have been playing with into something tangible and lucrative. Whether you are a business owner or a confident person, you are successful at attracting wealth, you identify opportunities to grow and have success, you are self-disciplined and can control your wealth by wisely using and investing it long term.

You have a long planned well thought out approach in your success plan, this will lead you to success, you do not need to take any further risks, what you have worked out is exactly what you have learned from your past experiences which you are now applying to your success plan.

This card represents final fulfilment of a business venture or investment, through your own carefully thought of plan you have reached the goal you wanted to achieve, not only on the material level but also on a spiritual level which has set you up well in the future.

As a final word, you do not need to prove yourself any longer, nor struggle, money flows easily and abundantly to you, you can now be confident and be rest assured that what you have manifested has become reality, enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

I hope this message resonates with some of you today,

Please note, as this is a general card reading, it might not resonate with everyone reading it.

Have a blessed day friends.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Take Charge”

Good Day Friends.

This exact moment is yours and yours alone, take charge, seize the moment, plant the seeds of your happiness and success.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …


Good Day Friends.

What do you seek in life ?

By the words of today’s quote, whatever it is that you seek, look within first, maybe what you seek has always been you.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Infinite Magic”

Hi everyone,

The universe, magic, abundance and dreams.

Once we realize that our spirit body and this world are connected in all ways, once we open our eyes, learn to experience the magic provided by the universe, we can learn how to utilize the abundance provided on every level of your earthly experience.

Let the creation bring you closer to your dreams and allow yourself to connect to this world and everything it provides.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …


Good evening friends.

Our own will is super powerful, we only need to know how to apply it correctly, when we are faced with certain situations our strength comes through without effort,

As the quote says today, “By virtue of your own pain, hopelessness, fear, darkness and powerlessness” your actual power is in your own soul, in your own will.

Trust yourself and by your own will, the will of your soul, you can face any situation.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …


Good Evening friends.

Just a Little thought and reminder for today,

Whenever we see someone at the office, in the shop or just passing by us on the street, what goes on at that very moment in their lives, none of us could ever understand, maybe they are dealing with something very emotional or hard,

To turn a life around, as the quote says today, takes no more than a small act of kindness from our side.

Kindness costs nothing, but it can seriously change a life, if possible, Be kind, it’s all it takes.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Unlimited Possibilities”

Good Day Friends.

Only once we realize that what we really think and what we really say to ourselves, then only we realize that we do not need to stay in any “ not good for your soul space “

Continue to affirm “ My Life Is Full Of Unlimited Possibilities “

Make your changes to what is good for you and you alone.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx