Having Trouble Manifesting What I Want In This Life

I don’t know how many of you guys have been having trouble “Focusing” on manifestation to “quiet” our chaotic lives.

I have to say, I have been trying to do exactly that, my life is so chaotic and crazy at the moment, I started with my Spiritual Mental Health self care program as I mentioned in my previous post. I must add that it’s working very well, but some days I still battle to get my head quiet and relaxed.

There are so many things I want to make real in my life, I start with my mediation same time each morning, do my manifestation ritual as I usually do, and start my day after.

But some days I am having a major issue “focusing”, too many things are happening around me, too many noises and little things drawing my attention.

Where I live, beautiful place BTW, the hustle as bustle goes on until late in the evenings and early in the mornings, so if I don’t change my “Meditation” Time’s to a in the AM hour then I can’t get focused. I do not blame anyone around me as I know that with Covid going on and so many people having to work harder everyday, it’s just impossible with the few hours we have in a day, I don’t know if you guys also feel that the days just don’t have enough hours ? For me it does, it goes by so quick, some mornings I get up and it literally feels that I just close my eyes and it’s night time again. The day is over.

So with all this in my above paragraph I tried two things that have amazing results for me, and I would like to share them with you, maybe there is someone that deals with the same issue as me.

First Step

I use to use the “Vision Board Technique by the Law of Attraction Teachings”, remember the days that people could not use the “Relaxation and Manifestation” technique only ( I’m one of those people ), so they used a vision board as the Law of Attraction explained and seeing the board every day “Manifests” the attention and conditions the mind to attract exactly what you want, Remember we are what we think and we attract what we think, this is so true for me at least.

In my house I don’t have a “place” only for me so I had to come up with an idea, It took me awhile to put all the pieces together, but as I was writing in my diary ( as I usually do ), this idea struck me, It came like a vision in my mind, very clear, the universe answered me as I asked it to.

My idea was to put a “Vision Manifestation Scrap Book Diary” together, so instead of an actual “Vision Board” on a wall ( which I never knew how to explain ) – My house has boys only and they don’t have any idea or the need to understand a “Vision Board” anyway, no pun intended.

Just for explanation, I wanted something I can work on and help me focus, as well as keep things personal to me. I mean these are my deepest desires and wishes, unless you have someone that joins you in your “Manifestations” then I personally think it’s something close to the heart. Just my opinion though.

Back to my idea, I needed a diary that would be the perfect fit for this special job, I am fussy in that way, my Spiritual tools always have to be perfect as they need to create the correct energy and intent in that one tool. I looked for awhile and one morning I found the perfect one,


I could offer some very unique one’s. I like the old looking one’s that is made out of natural handmade paper and leather covers, This is a tool I will use daily so it has to be perfect and durable. Mine is the perfect size to fit in my handbag so I can use and concentrate on when I have a free moment, and obviously put new ideas in it, I love this method.

So to come back to my idea as explained above, just as exactly using an original vision board to manifest your desires and wishes ( It really works for me ) I now just scrapbook them into my diary and during my day when I see a picture of something I want or would like to have in my life, I cut it out or print it, and just as my vision board I create my scrapbook vision diary pages. This helps me to put the correct intent into my manifestations and also prepare me for my meditation which I do after I scrapbooked.

During my official meditation hour, I open my already created pages and focus on the vision I want to manifest first, then meditate, and during my day when I find content for my vision board and when idea’s come to mind I put them into my diary and when I am quiet and in my “Mental” space I create new vision pages.

Second Step

I have found some programs that I am using with my concentration and manifestations, Especially on the wealth side of things, we all need more money right ?

The one program I will be talking about on this post is an Ancient Egyptian Secret program which I acquired and have been using together with my meditations, I have never thought that together these two methods will work so well, If I can recommend something I would this program. It has had amazing results for me, and since I have gone through the details and using it as recommended I can’t complain at all.

I have added details on this product for you, please feel free to go look at it for those that might be interested, I will not promote something I think would not work, and which I have not tried myself.

Final Thoughts

Since I have done these two methods together, My Vision Scrapbooking and Diary, and this above program, I have felt much better, I can now focus on what’s important and manifest the life I always wanted.

It took a bit of time to get into the habit, and as explained in my prior post, consistency is most important, I would not change it for one second, I’ll do it all over again. Things are now so much better for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has the same issues as me or that wants to try something new.

If there is someone that would like more information on this technique please subscribe or reach out on Email, WhatsApp, or Telegram and I’ll be more than happy to spend some time with you to discuss the above in more detail.

Thank you for taking some time to ready my post, It is always highly valued and appreciated.



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