Loneliness, Depression and Needed Support

In today’s world, with Covid hanging over our heads and never knowing when we will be locked down again, with people being caught up in their lives, between four walls, financial stress, family stress, loneliness and the worst depression makes life not easy.  

It is not at all easy to cope all by yourself !

Have you noticed that with all these things going on and the more people feeling more stressed that our support systems are also disappearing, the people that we used to talk to, to help get us get off the edge and make us feel better, have now got their own lives to deal with, and have no time to listen to us.

With this happening there are more depression and more loneliness in our lives.  I have recently spoken about how important mental self care is and how we need to learn to love ourselves, but in all honestly, that is not easy to achieve alone. 

I know that many people have tried all the self help methods available, we eat better to make us feel physically better, we meditate and do spiritual practices, we spend more time to make our families more whole and we try to take time off for ourselves.

But out of experience the one thing that gets to me is staying motivated, and the only way to get properly motivated is to speak to someone like minded, someone that will not judge me, someone that I can trust,

someone that will always be available and someone that will just listen to me. 

With that said, the @madiej team have launched Heart Frenzies.

Heart Frenzies Friendship Services is a non judgmental, always available service with people ready to assist anyone that just needs to talk or just need a friend, please note that this is a friendship service only, it does not involve any “other” services ( if you know what I mean ), this service is open to teenagers, adults, depressed, lonely or just need a friend one’s. 

This service is pure at heart, honest and real, something missing in our new world. The mission is to assist and give something back to our society. 

Why not give it a try ?

If you feel the need to talk then you can visit our page @ ko-fi.com/madiej for hours and pricing and if you are interested give it a try. 

I hope that you will support this endeavor and help assist those that need a FRIEND, ultimately without our supporters this will not be a possibility.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, you are always welcome to leave your opinion and comment if you have an idea that we can apply to this service.


This is a private based service, it is a time based service which means that individuals are dedicating their own personal time and effort, therefore “Tip’s are donated by the participant for making this service possible and available. Please note by using this service you are consenting to paying a tip, We are private people assisting individuals in need, we are not professional doctors or claim to be professional doctors or psychiatrists. If you need professional help please consult a professional doctor. We hold all data of our participants in high confidentiality and confidence and do not use any details in any other way, we as Heart Frenzies expect mutual respect from our participants. For any other questions or understanding please contact us at madiejinc@protonmail.com. By using this service you consent to understanding the above terms and conditions.


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