Anxiety and Stress

We don’t realize how many people are actually under massive stress, if they are someone like me, then they will be doing exactly what I am doing, hiding the pressure and stress, either because they don’t want to effect their loved ones or stress the people around them.

Us as individuals have to be strong all the time, smile and wave as I always say, and just carry on, we are not always able to discuss our issues with our loved ones,  especially the financial issues.

We have learned that if we discuss anything in that direction or even close to that direction then everyone effected by that same financial issue will be put under pressure as well. 

For some reason due to every person’s own personality and temperament – which they are allowed to be, either turn into a support structure or getting into a fighting ring. I am now speaking of personal experience, most of the people I have met turns into fighting. 

In my opinion the main reason for that is that firstly because people don’t know anymore how to talk to each other, to support each other and to talk things through. I mean clearly, we all have been raised different in our lives with our parents having different ideas and methods, let’s take a minute to look at my own experience in this life. My father was one son of a very large family, remember in those days the families were big, they had to work from a very young age, most of them not even finishing school as the family had to be supported, so with that said my dad had become a very strict person. 

When I was raised we did not have a support system, it was literally suck it up buttercup and deal with your own problems. I must admit, I will always be grateful for how my mom and dad “pushed” me through life, it has made me strong and able to cope with whatever life aims at me, it does not matter if it is financial or otherwise. 

I was a lucky one for being raised like that even if I hated it then and never understood why things had to be that way. 

But in today’s times children are not raised that way anymore and mental breakdowns are so much more prevalent, on top of that life has become so expensive that all parents do is work to continue providing the life they envisioned for their families.

But what happens to our providers in the interim, more pressure and more pressure, and like said above, it’s not always easy to talk to family members or spouses as the will be worried which then which in turn puts more pressure on the provider.

For this reason we launched Heart Frenzies, we felt that there is a need in this world to have someone to talk to, someone that is impartial to family that can listen and give advice if possible. The best part of our structure is that it is personal, there is no answering services or commercial systems that will make you feel like you are going to a doctors office to go talk about personal issues. 

We are real people that truly makes time for other’s and make them feel like they have a safe space, a space where there is no judgement, no blame and no expectations. 

It’s up to you the reader to decide if there is a need for something like that in your life, my mission with this page is to let you know that we are ready and on standby whenever you need us, anytime of any day.

You are welcome anytime.

Thank you for making some time to read our content.

For any information on this service click HERE for the Heart Frenzies Friendship Services and Pricing.



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