Gratitude and Saying Thank You.

I know this is a subject that is very personal to some, Gratitude ! How do I honestly say Thank You for what I have in this life,

We come to this realm to learn a lesson and will continue coming back until that lesson is learned, but here is a question for my readers.

When you get born into this life, we get what is destined for us, the family we chose the people and animal spirits that becomes part of our life journey becomes your story, now obviously not everyone is born the same way, some are lucky in this life, others find it hard and struggles every day and then those serious lucky people that is born with a silver spoon.

We get shown that everything in our lives are created by us, yes there is many different views to this, not wanting to get into religion but many of the older generations believed that we live a life by what we do and that we don’t have a choice in where our lives go. That it’s destined by the rules of this life, and it has to be followed that way to be someone or become someone.

Now in the new generations we have learned that we are the creators of our lives and what we put out there is what we create and get back. With the many different belief systems everyone has its own “right of passage” creations, for example:

“Law of attraction” in different cultures – for those that does not practice the “Law of Attraction” here is a simple explanation before I get into the cultural details.

“The Law of Attraction basically teaches us that we can “with the correct thought” attract whatever we want in life, those “attractions” examples for instance are, a perfect relationship, the expected money and success you want to earn and become, the conditions you want to find yourself in and lastly how you attract the good things, emotionally and physically in and into your life”

So now getting back to the cultural differences of the “Law of Attraction”

Buddha –

Buddha was once’s asked why he does not show or teach his people in his teachings how to pray. He then replied that he does not want to teach people how to pray as their prayers will harm them.

What this meant was that he felt that people had to get fully conscious first, so his teachings were to teach his people to become conscious first, he then also stated that when they do become fully conscious then they would not need to apply the “Law of Attraction” as they already manifest everything they want and would not need to ask for anything more. It therefore becomes as natural as living it everyday, unconsciously. The most important part of his teaching is to remember to accept yourself and embracing all of who we are even our deepest darkest side.

Native Americans –

One example is Native Americans for instance uses a ritual that sacred dances attract weather conditions and therefore “Manifests” the desire outcome in their dances.

In Chinese Feng Shui –

For example in attracting a partner its encouraged to place to statues of two ducks in the key places of your home, the number two tells the universe that the individual is ready for partnership.

Shaman –

Shaman in the old days used a trance like state to “Manifest” a hunt and therefore have a successful kill. This altered state of mind would give the Shaman a connection to the universe to record the desired outcome to this kind of positive affirmation and thought.

These were just a few examples of the usage of the Law in different ways.

To get back to the initial reason for this piece called “Gratitude and saying Thank You”

Whatever we use to manifest which ever desired outcome into our lives within our believe systems, what happens if this manifestation has given us exactly what we asked for or what we have put out into the universe to receive ?

For instance, you do a money mantra, whether it is only by chant or affirmation, by meditation, or whether you put a cinnamon stick into your wallet to attract more money into your life. Now you get what you asked for, maybe not the amount you wanted right away but some form of financial abundance, you obviously then go and apply that money to whatever you needed it for.

But here is one big question, do you say Thank you to the force that made your manifestation come true ? Do you just practice real gratitude and the feeling of gratitude towards the universe or do you actually have a ritual like burning a candle inscribed with gratitude or making an offering to who you see as your deity or point of connection to your manifestations ?

I have read many blogs and pieces on the “Law of Attraction” and have never really seen that there is discussions on the aftermath of receiving the gift. I have been thinking about this much, I use the Law daily, I have never been let down by the Law and usually get what I manifest or wanting to manifest, sometimes it just happens unconsciously without me even trying hard, I guess it becomes part of your routine if you use it everyday.

In my case I really try to practice Gratitude after I have received what I asked for, irrelevant of the way I receive it, yes sometimes it does not come as I wanted it, sometimes it’s not intended to be that way and something else has been provided. I try to see every reason a gift has come or is coming and in which form it comes. I mostly get exactly what I need and asked for at that time. But to me any gift given from the universe is what is needed at that time, I have learned not to question and feel that there is no need to question.

I would really like to put a conversation out there into our online universe to learn what your Gratitude methods are, may we then pay it forward to the ones that is still learning about the Law, Manifestations and Rituals.

I feel that if we are lucky enough to understand and utilize the “Law of Attraction” correctly to teach others these methods, especially saying Thank You when the goal was achieved.

Please comment your thoughts on this.

Blessings xx


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