A Little Message For The Day …



Everyday morning we start our new day, wishing for it to be a good day, starting with positive vibes, hoping for the best.

What we think and how we let our thoughts run wild is how our day turns out, if we start with the day is great, 99% of the time the day will be great,

But unfortunately if we start our day with “what’s going to go wrong again today” our outcome that we have asked for will be a negative and our day will be a nightmare.

Just as we are what we eat, and many more people are becoming more health conscious, realizing that we can not always put junk into our bodies and expecting it to perform at its best.

Just like that our thoughts are also what we “Feed” our minds, and those thought manifest the actual outcome we are asking for, if its complaining and negative all the time, you will only enhance the complaining and negative,

As the quote says, do you see everything in your life as a miracle or do you see nothing in your life as a miracle, Give it a thought, look at what your thoughts are daily, good or bad.

Make a conscious choice on being truly happy or being truly alone and sad. That will dictate your outcomes and assist your manifestations, as manifestations are only attracting everything you think and want.

Blessings xx



  1. Jeff Flesch says:

    Wise, Madie. This is exactly how it works. When we expect to see miracles everywhere, alas, they are there. Wonderful post. ☺️


    1. madiej says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post … I feel that the more positivity we put out there the more we get back … I also know that, that is not an easy task … having a half full glass instead of a half empty one is also hard to always achieve ..

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      1. Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re welcome, always. I believe in this too. Indeed, it’s not always easy to see our glasses as half full, yet when we have the understanding that we can choose to see it as half full or half empty, we have empowerment. In that moment there is freedom. This is what I get from your post, and it is exactly how I think and see the world. Happy weekend, my friend.

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      2. madiej says:

        Thank you so much … I appreciate your in-depth comment .. you have a great weekend as well ..

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  2. 👌💯

    There are also three types of people in the world – those who can count, and those who can’t. 😉



    1. madiej says:

      That is so true, I 100% agree with you on that.

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  3. Asif Balouch says:

    I think this is the best I’ve seen till till now. You’re amazing!


    1. madiej says:

      Again Thank you so much, thanks for the follow too


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