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Good evening, readers and Friends

Tonight, I want to touch a subject on forgiving the self, we all go through some kind of problem during our life’s, we all do things that’s not always right, yes, we do those things out of emotion and don’t always realize what we do or say.

Emotions does play a very big role in our daily lives, when we are faced with an emotional situation, we usually end up acting out of our mental body, emotions can override any feeling, irrelevant of how much love you have a person and how much you care about a person.

Somethings that can never be taken back is a word spoken, often when we’ve acted and spoken harmful words we don’t always know how to apologize, but apologizing to the receiving party is easy, they usually will forgive us and move on.

But what I want to write about tonight is forgiving the self, how many times have we done something that we cannot take back. It wasn’t meant in the way that it was said it was merely just a reaction. When the receiving party has forgiven us, do we know how to forgive ourselves?

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It’s also not just about forgiving ourselves, it’s about forgiving the situation as well, if we don’t forgive the situation we cannot move forward, we have to learn to let go, we need to stop punishing ourselves, we are going to make mistakes, if the people in our lives really really loves us, they will forgive us, but we need to be the first one’s loving ourselves enough and forgive our own self for our mistakes.

We need always continue being mentally strong and if we can learn to forgive the self for all done or said your mental body strength can improve, there will be no need for depression or an unfavorable situation at home. We are the only ones that is there for our own self, we cannot rely on anybody else to make us anything that we are not, that’s all on ourselves. We have to make a choice on whether to live with not forgiving ourselves, blaming the self all the time and to stop torturing ourselves for what we cannot take back.

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Like previous written posts, if someone’s meant to be in your life most will be forgiven, but if we cannot forgive ourselves, we simply cannot move on. As the quote says today, unless we let go, unless we forgive ourselves and unless we realize that the situation is over that’s only when you can move on.

My hope for somebody reading this post today and maybe being in this kind of situation, I do hope that you’ll find solace in knowing that forgiving yourself is ok, irrelevant of somebody else not wanting to forgive you. The situation is truly over, you will find a way forward.

Blessings xx


  1. mic says:

    👌👌👌✒ Beautifully written. I agree. Forgiveness does not mean that we are not to blame. Beautiful Saturday dear💖🌹🌞


    1. madiej says:

      Thank you Mic, yes we have to learn that we only can forgive the self, the rest will follow .. enjoy your Saturday as well my friend ..

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      1. mic says:



  2. Wise words, my friend. 💖


    1. madiej says:

      Thank you Sandra, I appreciate your response

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 💓 loved reading your post, I couldn’t agree with you more
    “It’s also not just about forgiving ourselves, it’s about forgiving
    the situation as well,” I wish my husband would learn this.


    1. madiej says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post, forgiving the situation is the same as forgiving ourselves, they go hand in hand, I believe your husband will one day learn that forgiving the situation and himself is entirely ok and that we are walking our path by making mistakes so that we can help our soul master this life and mature for its actual purpose.

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      1. Well as we get older in this life
        we learn lessons that teach us.

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