A Little Message For The Day …


Good Day Friends,


Change, Grow and Transform, Today’s message calls for us to step outside our comfort zone, we tend to get too comfortable in a situation even if we are not happy.

You need to ask yourself whether you are comfortable where you are or whether your soul is calling for more, more to this life,

To enable us to grow, change and ultimately transform, we need to be able to leave our safe, comfortable mental space behind, yes our mental body has the ability to protect our physical body by “filing” certain situations in a “safe” space within our psyche.

This is good at the given time, but at some point those emotions crop up again and causes old stagnant trauma to come back to the surface.

We all understand what this old trauma does to your health and wellness, therefore it is very important to step outside your comfort zone, and as the quote says it’s only after you take that step, that is only when you can start to Grow, Change and Transform.

For yourself, take the step, clear the trauma and grow. Don’t be stuck where you do not want to be, Your health is much more important and holding on to old trauma is not good for your wellness.

Blessings xx



  1. Jeff Flesch says:

    A beautiful reminder for us all. There is so much life waiting for each human being, and once the choice is made to develop, grow, and transform, these wonders are illuminated. Wondeful, Madie.

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    1. madiej says:

      Thank you Jeff, I am with you on so much life waiting for every human being, everyone just need to make the choice to want to grow and transform. Have a Great day today.

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      1. Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re most welcome, Madie. Always. Agreed. Thank you, you too.

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