Acts Of Kindness

“Our way to give back”

“There may be days when I can’t help an animal in need, but the day will never come that I won’t try”

– Paul Oxton

Good Day Friends,

Why this post you may ask ?

As an expat in a foreign country I have come acorss many diffirent issues that we need to face here, It’s not entirely the communities fault as they are just not educated regarding animal wefare, there is not many shelter options here either, it is only the expats that create such facilities, or they make their homes availible if they can, Caring for homeless animals can quicly drain a volenteers resources,

Therefore we have started a community outreach program to assist as many homeless animals as possible,

I can simply just not look away ! if we don’t start helping, then the reason we are here is only one more failure for these animals with no voice.

The first story of this section.

Pitty Cross

Tied to a tree in a park, what has she done wrong ?, Hungry and scared, tied so tight that her movement has been restricted, with a mouth guard on so she can’t defend herself.

Was she a dog being trained for dog fighting or is she just another abused animal in this part of the world, 

She was super scared, she does not understand why her “owner” had to tie her to a tree and left her there for the night, how scared must she be, not knowing where she is and what is happening with her tomorrow, 

We have started a social program in the country that I live in, these type of behavior is just unacceptable.

Here animal rights has not yet been established, animals are continuously just discarded here, adoption is not an option to many of these dogs and cats as the are so mistreated in their puppy stages that all they understand is to growl and to defending itself.

These pups need to have someone regain their trust again, show them that humans are not so cruel, regardless of what they were exposed to.

Please know that we as expats in this country try to assist as many abandoned, discarded and abused animals as we can, 

Therefore, we will be running campaigns on my blog to assist these animals in need, we can’t look away anymore. If you would like to support our initiative please do, every bit helps .

Click to make a donation.

I will post weekly updates of what we do for these animals within our reach, and as soon as our initiative becomes something stronger we will start an outreach program to help educate the local people on how to treat and care for their animals. We will also provide the medical care that these animals need, have them spayed so that there is no more unwanted pets around and the ones that does not have somewhere to go, we can help by relocating them to temporary homes that can help out until placed. 

I would appreciate your input and feedback and off course assistance if possible. 

Thank you for reading the post, It is so much appreciated.



  1. Hobbo says:

    Good luck. It’s a worthwhile cause.


    1. madiej says:

      Thank you again, I am to see what we can do to help.

      Liked by 1 person

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