A Little Message For The Day …

Moving Forward”

Good Morning Friends

For today’s message, the chosen quote is about moving forward.

One of life’s lessons is to teach our soul that it is not healthy for your spiritual growth to hold on to the past,

There is a reason that whatever situation is in the past, that it happened yesterday, you were meant to only learn out of whatever the situation was and what the outcome was.

There is no reason holding onto anything regarding whatever lesson you had to learn yesterday. For your soul to awaken, grow and mature, you simply have to let yesterday go.

As the quote says today, “What’s done is done, what’s gone is gone, you may look back only to see how far you have come”, learn your lesson as it is given, look back at it only to learn out of it, and move forward.

Just always move forward ! And remember to always forgive yourself for whatever happened yesterday.

Blessings xx


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