A Little Message For The Day …

Look Up Not Down”

Good morning friends

Looking up at the stars, and not down at your feet,

This statement is so significant to most us and our daily life, don’t we get caught up with life’s challenges? kids and their challenges? work and the challenges we face everyday? in fact so much that we forget to be looking up at the stars, we forget to wonder how everything is put together and how the universe speaks to us, we forget to be curious and we forget to explore.

The universe speaks to us in many different ways, energy for one is one of the big ones.

Many of you on this earth are actually very sensitive, yet you don’t know how to recognize what is causing this “sensitivity” but what you do know is that it makes you feel uncomfortable,

Many of the you that does not understand this sensitivity are usually “off Balance”, what I mean by this is that mentally they are un-balanced, see this energy flows through our “energy centers” within our bodies, they are called chakras,  when we are energy sensitive this external energy surges through our bodies and gets processed by our mental body, just like a transformer does with power, this in turn happens to us internally,  when you don’t understand what is happening to you and why you have this “gut Feeling”, this can cause your internal system to feel un-balanced or just un-well.

With this being said, the message for today is to remind you that you are all you need, it does not matter what situation you find yourself in, you can always do something and succeed with it, all you have to do is make the decision and go with it.

Never give up though, never bring yourself down to the bottom of your feet, like the quote says, always look up not down. Yes, Life can be difficult, but when you can “tune in” you will know how to manage the stress that comes with it.

Blessings xx



  1. A beautiful message. Thank you. Have a wonderful day Madie.


    1. madiej says:

      Thank you Sandra, you as well, hope your day was good and today will be with many blessings

      Liked by 1 person

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