A Little Message For The Day …

“Living Life”

Good Day Friends

Living life so Cautiously..

This quote resonated with me today, while I was reading, I was wondering about the risks we take in life, How many people having high profile positions or just straight forward dangerous positions do this same thing everyday ?

The question to myself was “is it really worth living a life without living life ?

How many minutes do we really dedicate to living life, I mean really living life ? I for one can say not as much as I should. Yes we get up, eat something, work, breathe air, and function, but what resonates with our soul’s ?

For me its peace, I value peace above everything else, drama is not for me, operating on this “emotional” level is just draining and toxic, making me feel sick.

I for one, love to explore the unknown and explore the unseen, doing regular meditation , Qi Gong as exercise and exploring the amazing powers of the mind and what the mind is capable to do is what I enjoy most.

What is it for you?, what makes you feel like you a actually living your life or are you just surviving ?

Friends we need to make time to live, our lives are so short, being unhappy all the time and being down in the dumps, sad or angry, just opens your cells to Dis-Ease, just take a minute for yourself.

Be healthy and do not fail yourself by not living the best life you can live.

Love and Blessings xx



  1. Adelheid says:

    I love this question: what resonates with our soul’s ?
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. madiej says:

      Hey, Thank You for the comment, yes it’s quite a deep question, I soul searched quite a bit before getting to my answer.

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  2. mic says:

    👌👌👌✒🌹 After years of caring, hurrying, searching for happiness … I found that I already have everything I need. Morning coffee at 4:30 AM with my wife, who tells me what she dreamed of at night… I wish You a beautiful day dear 🌞🌹🤗


    1. madiej says:

      Yes, when we have that soul connection like you do with your wife, then life is complete and being entirely content with the completeness you have is ultimate. Stunning comment

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      1. mic says:

        Thank You dear Madie 🌹🌹🌹😘 I’m definitely not a holy man … because I’m a man, but I’m well aware of what my wife means to me and that she’s the one who gave me everything she could. What I feel for her is not just gratitude and understanding, but true love.


  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    Resonates deeply. For me, it’s experiencing aliveness, which comes as a product of living an authentic life in alignment with my truth, and standing at the edge of the unknown, and taking that step, even when it makes me nervous, nay, because it makes me nervous. Experiencing nervousness and calmness, and the myriad emotions we have as human beings, is being alive to me. Drama, no thank you. Great post, Madie.


    1. madiej says:

      Hi Jeff, aliveness, standing on the edge, nervousness and calmness, yes that is living life to the fullest..very well said.


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