A Little Message For Today …


Good day Friends.


Many people have different perceptions regarding tattoo’s, some people do them as they are part of a “pack” and other do them as art, I’m my case I just love them for their art,

I have known many individuals that loves their tattoo’s, One day I asked what the reason is for doing them, My closest friend once told me that he does not ever want to forget important milestones and experiences in his life, his tattoo’s was like memories on his skin. For the others I have asked, some said they just like ink, the feeling of the tattoo and how it makes them feel alive, and the others said that they just enjoy the art, talent and creativity of them.

I mean lets face it, some of those tattoo artists really have amazing talent, sometimes jaw dropping talent.

But my post today is about Tattoo’s on our hearts, as the quote says today, “whether we intended to or not, our lives are tattooed to our hearts”

What true words these are, It does not really matter how we decide to live our lives, the ultimate experience is with us regardless of whether we want to remember them or not.

Yes off course we all have hard, sad, happy and joyful experiences, is that not part of this human experience we are living ?

Friends, if all advice I can give today, then that advice will be to never hide your “Tattoo’s”, your experiences you have faced, and whichever one’s you want to remember or which ones you want to display, that is who you are, those memories is what shaped you and made you, you never have to hide them.

May you all be who you are and be who you want to be, without any restrictions, just be.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx


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