A Little Message For The Day …

“Feeding The Mind”

Good day Friends.

Today when I read this quote, it made me think of how much wrong things we feed our minds daily, not even realizing or noticing it.

Is it not true that everyone so easily share’s all the bad things like fear, anxiety, stress, hate, unhappiness and nonsense ?

Now understanding that when things get bad in our lives we don’t see the positive, we simply focus on the negative and what we are dealing with at that time.

All good and well to deal with the problems only, they need to be resolved and cleared up, that is part of life, but does anyone ever consider that we also need to purge those emotions, trauma and stress left behind with those problems ?

As I have discussed in one of my previous posts regarding trauma being stored in our cells and what toxic reaction it does cause when left unattended, if we spiritually do not take care of these residual energies and as it collects within our cells, there is no option for it to show itself by creating illnesses or disease.

Contact mlj@madiej.blog for information and Pricing

Simply by taking care of what we feed our minds and souls can help us stay healthy. Remembering to do internal spiritual work is just as important as taking multiple supplements and diet enhancements.

Give it a thought !

Love, Light and Blessings xx



  1. mic says:



    1. madiej says:

      Thank you Mic


  2. SelmaMartin says:

    My thoughts exactly! Thanks for wording it so beautifully. Yes!
    I bless you and wish you miracles xoxo


    1. madiej says:

      Thank you Selma, happy that it resonated with you ..

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