Card for Today …

“King of Pentacles”

The reading for today brings us the King of Pentacles upright.

The king of pentacles represents material wealth, financial abundance and worldly success, he is a faithful provider and with his ambition and confidence he creates his wealth himself and for others.

Through this he also provides self-worth which he shares with the people around him. This also brings a fatherly figure which provides others with advice, wisdom, guidance in work and financial related matters.

With this card you can translate a vision that you have been playing with into something tangible and lucrative. Whether you are a business owner or a confident person, you are successful at attracting wealth, you identify opportunities to grow and have success, you are self-disciplined and can control your wealth by wisely using and investing it long term.

You have a long planned well thought out approach in your success plan, this will lead you to success, you do not need to take any further risks, what you have worked out is exactly what you have learned from your past experiences which you are now applying to your success plan.

This card represents final fulfilment of a business venture or investment, through your own carefully thought of plan you have reached the goal you wanted to achieve, not only on the material level but also on a spiritual level which has set you up well in the future.

As a final word, you do not need to prove yourself any longer, nor struggle, money flows easily and abundantly to you, you can now be confident and be rest assured that what you have manifested has become reality, enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

I hope this message resonates with some of you today,

Please note, as this is a general card reading, it might not resonate with everyone reading it.

Have a blessed day friends.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx


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