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About Me

Hi My name is Madie, I talk about various subjects on this blog. I tell my stories through my own life experiences. My mission is to assist anyone that needs a online friend or assistance with their own experiences in this life.

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Legal Disclaimer

This blog contains affiliate links and ads. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking a link I provide, I will receive a commission for referring you as a client. These commissions are used to continue this blog and support my family. Clicking a link on this blog does not cost you anything extra, and there may also be times that you might be provided with a coupon or discount code to save you money.

Disputes with Third-Parties, Affiliates and Affiliate Companies

I am not liable for any disputes that may arise between yourself and an affiliate, affiliate company or third-party. If you choose to sign up for any services and products through links and programs on this blog, you must follow the link company’s guidelines and contact them directly about your account you may have registered with them. I do not have and will never have access to any of your accounts and information and can not assist in helping you with them.

Remember to use common sense and if you have any concerns always contact licensed professionals and companies.

If you have any further queries or needed clarifications, please contact me at madiejinc@protonmail.com at any time.


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