A Little Message For The Day …


Good Day Friends

“What we whisper to ourselves has the most power”

I have found that this is very true, it all starts with that thought, depending how you deal with certain situations in life, we tend to sometimes blame ourselves if something has gone wrong,

We start feeling lesser than what we are, we “whisper” to ourselves what we thought we could control and change,

We are not in the position to change someones else’s destiny, we can only create our own. Today’s quote is a reminder to all of us that however we deal with whatever in our life, what we tell ourselves, think about ourself and feel about ourself is what carries the most power.

Be kind to yourself, only you can truly be.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx


A Little Message For The Day …


Good Day Friends

Today I would like to talk about our vibration we carry and what we radiate, I chose this quote to discuss how important it is how we “feel” to others.

There are so many posts and information out in the web verse regarding spiritual practice, from the Law of Attraction to Spiritual awakening.

We have heard many times that the spoken word is the same as the Law of Attraction, when we speak we create ripples of vibration, that vibration radiates from us, many have found how to use the Law to their benefit and how to “will” the outcome in certain situations.

This post will clarify a bit of how we use our spiritual energy,

As discussed before in many of my posts, we are only temporary here on and in this earth school, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to go through certain trails and turbulence to achieve our set lesson/s that we are here to learn.

Learning early in life that your spiritual energy, your vibration is much more important than any asset you have gained in your human experience, how you make people feel in your light is what you are remembered by, and will always be remembered by, money and earthly things can not go with you when you go to the next stage to learn your next lesson, choosing to work on your spiritual vibration and radiating true light and positivity is far more important.

I hope everyone reading this post will put some attention to your spiritual growth and the importance of your vibration.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Your Path, No Footprints”

Good Day Friends.

Today’s quote reflects on the path we all have to walk, as its said, it is not ready made for us, we have to create it by walking our path.

You are all unique and individual, your truth, your life, your lessons and your experiences, no one else can dictate or make you live a life they want you to live, it only takes you to make a decision for yourself and go with it.

I hope for today that this message finds some of you and resonates with your hearts desire.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Feeding The Mind”

Good day Friends.

Today when I read this quote, it made me think of how much wrong things we feed our minds daily, not even realizing or noticing it.

Is it not true that everyone so easily share’s all the bad things like fear, anxiety, stress, hate, unhappiness and nonsense ?

Now understanding that when things get bad in our lives we don’t see the positive, we simply focus on the negative and what we are dealing with at that time.

All good and well to deal with the problems only, they need to be resolved and cleared up, that is part of life, but does anyone ever consider that we also need to purge those emotions, trauma and stress left behind with those problems ?

As I have discussed in one of my previous posts regarding trauma being stored in our cells and what toxic reaction it does cause when left unattended, if we spiritually do not take care of these residual energies and as it collects within our cells, there is no option for it to show itself by creating illnesses or disease.

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Simply by taking care of what we feed our minds and souls can help us stay healthy. Remembering to do internal spiritual work is just as important as taking multiple supplements and diet enhancements.

Give it a thought !

Love, Light and Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day …


Good morning Friends.


There are so so much out there regarding manifesting, out of my experience I can confirm that is does work if you are dedicated enough.

I myself have been going through a major shift in my life, lets say that the old has worked its way out and the new has been steadily opening up.

If it was not for me manifesting my desired outcome, the chaos that the change has caused would of been 10000 times worst than it was, But due to me focusing on my goal and keeping myself together, it was possible.

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I know that many of you reading this must have these changes too, I also understand that it can be very confusing and hard to place or understand, just stay focused if its possible, continue forward and don’t look back, let go of what was and focus only on the new.

Let your mental echo be your voice and give yourself the tools to manifest your desires and make your dreams come true.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Grateful Souls’

Good Evening Friends

Having a hard time manifesting the life you want ?

The first rule to manifestation is gratefulness, when you are grateful for the things in your life, even if it is just for waking up, able to walk, have food to eat and just being at peace.

That is when your manifestation powers enhance, feeling the need that we have everything we want, feeling satisfied and content, makes it much easier for us to take the next manifestation step, enabling our manifestation abilities to be so much more powerful.

You make your world, everyday when you make a decision, a choice or just as much as have a thought, you manifest, everything you say is a magic echo, the universe responds to how you feel when you say and think daily.

Many individuals feel that their manifestation practices don’t work for them, why ? because they say it but in theory do not believe it, not feel it, the most important tool is to actually already feel like you have the desired outcome, believe as if its already there and act as if you already have it in your life.

Put the message you want out there, clear and powerful, you don’t need much more but a thought to make it happen.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …


Good day friends.

These last few weeks has been tough !

As an energy sensitive individual, an empath and feeling way too deep, I have been noticing many peoples energies has been “disturbed” by the current energy around us.

I for one have been feeling the same energy influx, it’s as if everything is just upside down, everything is just more intense and more stressed.

The message which I wanted to share with you today, is explaining exactly how we should not let our minds run wild, how we should tame our thoughts and only focus on our goals and desires.

We can try to focus on everything at the same time, but take it from me , it gets too much, and the more we try to do, the less gets done.

I hope that today’s message resonated with you, take care of yourself, your own self care is far more important than any stressful situation. Tomorrow the sun shines again, a new day with new options and new choices.

Leave yesterday in the past, there is nothing there for you, focus on today and only today, not even tomorrow, you will see the more you ground and the more you focus yourself on your current day, the easier it will get.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Healthy Choices”

Good day my friends.

Just a quick message today, remember it’s always up to you !

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For Today …


Good day Friends.


Many people have different perceptions regarding tattoo’s, some people do them as they are part of a “pack” and other do them as art, I’m my case I just love them for their art,

I have known many individuals that loves their tattoo’s, One day I asked what the reason is for doing them, My closest friend once told me that he does not ever want to forget important milestones and experiences in his life, his tattoo’s was like memories on his skin. For the others I have asked, some said they just like ink, the feeling of the tattoo and how it makes them feel alive, and the others said that they just enjoy the art, talent and creativity of them.

I mean lets face it, some of those tattoo artists really have amazing talent, sometimes jaw dropping talent.

But my post today is about Tattoo’s on our hearts, as the quote says today, “whether we intended to or not, our lives are tattooed to our hearts”

What true words these are, It does not really matter how we decide to live our lives, the ultimate experience is with us regardless of whether we want to remember them or not.

Yes off course we all have hard, sad, happy and joyful experiences, is that not part of this human experience we are living ?

Friends, if all advice I can give today, then that advice will be to never hide your “Tattoo’s”, your experiences you have faced, and whichever one’s you want to remember or which ones you want to display, that is who you are, those memories is what shaped you and made you, you never have to hide them.

May you all be who you are and be who you want to be, without any restrictions, just be.

Love, Light and Blessings xxx

A Little Message For The Day …


Good Morning Friends.

What a cute quote for today,

I don’t know “how” many of you cope during the heavy times, I know when I get down and stressed I seem to forget to take my “ Vitamins”

This little quote today brought me so much joy, I hope it will bring you some joy too.

Love, Light and many Blessings xxx