A Little Message For The Day …


Good Day Friends,


Change, Grow and Transform, Today’s message calls for us to step outside our comfort zone, we tend to get too comfortable in a situation even if we are not happy.

You need to ask yourself whether you are comfortable where you are or whether your soul is calling for more, more to this life,

To enable us to grow, change and ultimately transform, we need to be able to leave our safe, comfortable mental space behind, yes our mental body has the ability to protect our physical body by “filing” certain situations in a “safe” space within our psyche.

This is good at the given time, but at some point those emotions crop up again and causes old stagnant trauma to come back to the surface.

We all understand what this old trauma does to your health and wellness, therefore it is very important to step outside your comfort zone, and as the quote says it’s only after you take that step, that is only when you can start to Grow, Change and Transform.

For yourself, take the step, clear the trauma and grow. Don’t be stuck where you do not want to be, Your health is much more important and holding on to old trauma is not good for your wellness.

Blessings xx


A Little Message For The Day …


Good evening readers and friends.

Cry, there is nothing wrong with crying, it’s a way to let all those frustrations out and clear the residual energy within your cells, by releasing that sadness and angers old trauma does not have a foot hold.

Be strong, be brave, be you ..

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day …

Good evening, readers and Friends

Tonight, I want to touch a subject on forgiving the self, we all go through some kind of problem during our life’s, we all do things that’s not always right, yes, we do those things out of emotion and don’t always realize what we do or say.

Emotions does play a very big role in our daily lives, when we are faced with an emotional situation, we usually end up acting out of our mental body, emotions can override any feeling, irrelevant of how much love you have a person and how much you care about a person.

Somethings that can never be taken back is a word spoken, often when we’ve acted and spoken harmful words we don’t always know how to apologize, but apologizing to the receiving party is easy, they usually will forgive us and move on.

But what I want to write about tonight is forgiving the self, how many times have we done something that we cannot take back. It wasn’t meant in the way that it was said it was merely just a reaction. When the receiving party has forgiven us, do we know how to forgive ourselves?

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

It’s also not just about forgiving ourselves, it’s about forgiving the situation as well, if we don’t forgive the situation we cannot move forward, we have to learn to let go, we need to stop punishing ourselves, we are going to make mistakes, if the people in our lives really really loves us, they will forgive us, but we need to be the first one’s loving ourselves enough and forgive our own self for our mistakes.

We need always continue being mentally strong and if we can learn to forgive the self for all done or said your mental body strength can improve, there will be no need for depression or an unfavorable situation at home. We are the only ones that is there for our own self, we cannot rely on anybody else to make us anything that we are not, that’s all on ourselves. We have to make a choice on whether to live with not forgiving ourselves, blaming the self all the time and to stop torturing ourselves for what we cannot take back.

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Like previous written posts, if someone’s meant to be in your life most will be forgiven, but if we cannot forgive ourselves, we simply cannot move on. As the quote says today, unless we let go, unless we forgive ourselves and unless we realize that the situation is over that’s only when you can move on.

My hope for somebody reading this post today and maybe being in this kind of situation, I do hope that you’ll find solace in knowing that forgiving yourself is ok, irrelevant of somebody else not wanting to forgive you. The situation is truly over, you will find a way forward.

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Attitude, Respect, Choices”

Good Evening Readers and Friends

Attitude, does is dictate who we are ?

Yes in my opinion it does, All people have been placed on this planet to transform and grow, Grow and mature our souls for our actual purpose, which can only be achieved by living a human life and transforming our capability and abilities with each life experience.

Is it a spiritual growth or a programmed growth ?

I believe it’s spiritual growth in a whole, yes in today’s world there is much programming going on, How we should be, act and treat others.

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For every person that exists in some way or form, the way we treat others is super important to how people learn and behave. We might only be one person out of billions of people, but we can make an impact, irrelevant of how small our impact is.

If we change only one persons “attitude” on how they are treated by us, they will learn by spiritual growth how to treat others, for that fact we need to be more mature on how we treat them. We should allow them to grow, but for that we need be better at who we are.

When we go through our day, as normal we don’t realize what or how we operate, for us it’s just normal, but we need to consider who and what we are, we need to make our choices better everyday.

I hope the quote posted today makes some sense to everyone reading this piece today. And I hope that all my readers will spiritually learn today to also make better choices for yourselves and for everyone you get in contact with today.

Blessings xx

Happy New Year !!


To all my readers, friends and family.

Thank you for all your support, and friendship through the year of 2021, I appreciate every one of you.

We leave behind a year with much turmoil, a year of confusion and frustration. A year of sickness, loss and loneliness.

We the lucky ones that still have our health, our love and our strength will move forward in 2022 and with our efforts succeed and prosper.

My wish today for all my readers and friends, may you all have a prosperous, healthy and blessed 2022, may you leave behind all the pain and hardships of 2021, breathe, have fun, work hard and most of all enjoy every minute of every day you have. You are blessed with life, make it what you want it to be.

Loads of Blessings and Love xx

A Little Message For The Day …

“Your Choice“

Good day Readers and Friends


We make them every minute of every day, conscious or subconscious, it’s natural to make them, our bodies does them all on its own.

For us to control our thoughts and choices that we make are quite hard, it takes much practice to not be blinded by them, even the most well trained spiritual masters still struggle with them.

Being human and us walking our path in this life, comes with mistakes and wrong decisions, that does not mean you are stuck with those decisions.

You are allowed to make mistakes and wrong decisions, learning out of them is how our souls grow and mature, without those experiences we will not grow and achieve our main purpose in this life.

My message for you guys today is to let you know that you can make a choice of which path you want to be on, you can change your mind at any-time, this is your life, your experience and your growth.

As the quote says “ if you don’t like the road you’re walking on, start paving another one”,

Your choice, your decision, you just need to take the first step and make it.

Blessings my friends xx

A Little Message For The Day …


My dear friends.

Now with Christmas over, family gatherings coming to an end and everyone returning to their normal lives, the one thing now happening to most people around the world is that worry for the dreaded January dip.

Most have spend soooo much for Christmas. many might not know how to even deal with this coming month and new year is upon us too,

My message for you today is no matter how hard it might become, and how depressing and stressful things might seem, remember not to let it get you down, it might seem hard but life always figure itself out, be strong and just “know” in your heart that it all will be fine.

Blessings xx

Merry Christmas

“Merry Merry”

To all my Friends and Readers.

I wish you all a festive Christmas, much love and light.

Hold your precious family close and truly enjoy the time you spend together.

Most important be safe out there.

Many Blessings from my home to your home 💋

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

A Little Message For The Day …

“Old Nonsense”

How do you finish your day ?

Most of us humans carry the stress and emotions of the past day over to our new day,

Forever letting it mess with our heads and constantly reminding us of the past day’s failures. But what does that really create.

In a physical way I guess we don’t realize what we do as it does not really do more than just adding more stress to our bodies. But in a spiritual way we are loading ourselves with bad energy.

Energy that is not needed, only weighing us down and enhancing the new days problems, making them feel way worst as what they are meant to be, obviously this old energy is not cleared or let go, so the new days problems gets added on to the old energy layer by layer.

So what happens when this energy gets too much to deal with ?

We start becoming half people with this heavy monkey on your back feeding of the life force that you need to process and deal with new problems. So new problems become old problems and old problems become the new foundation of the lighthouse you are building on.

As the quote says today, “Finish your day and be done with it”

Don’t carry yesterday’s burdens to today, start each day fresh and anew, don’t let anything that happened before weigh you down.

The past is the past, you don’t need to look back, there is nothing there for you anymore. Just move forward and enjoy every moment of it, appreciate that you got another day, and do feel gratitude for being healthy, able and being with the one’s you love.

Blessings my friends xx

Be safe during this holiday season, take care of each other.

Toxic Attachments

Today I was walking my fur babies, deep in thought with the day’s events, it was a crazy day, I needed to deal with so many different situations today,

Due to my choice of exploring my personal spiritual path, and “clearing” all the old trauma, pain, emotional baggage and all-around bad juju that has attached itself to me through this crazy year, I saw this tree.

I am a nature lover and I am in daily awe on how amazing this planet of ours is, so here I was walking and working through all these thoughts in my head, micro-arranging my mind’s filing structure on what still needs to be done this year before the new year starts, I realized something ..

Now I know this is not a subject that everyone wants to talk about, or their believes are not the same as mine, but hear me out.

When we start our personal spiritual journey, whatever it is that is personal for you, we need to dig deep down to all those hard-to-reach places inside our darkest deepest parts of our minds to clear those energies as explained above,

Photo by Jonas Ferlin from Pexels

But, coming back to the tree,

This tree is a big healthy tree, obviously many years old, on this tree’s trunk a delicious monster manifested itself and attached, clearly living off this healthy tree, the tree itself is not bothered by this imposter plant that grows and feeds from it, it simply co-exists with it, both living it’s best life.

Now this is how amazing nature is, there is no ego or threat to either one of the plants, they support and help each other regardless of what the situation is, the smaller delicious monster obviously knows that it has secured itself well enough that this big tree will always support it.  Very clever really.

The one thing I noticed though was the root structure of this delicious monster and how it managed to manifest itself exactly where it was. Now the reason I am talking about this tree is because I saw another message in this vision.

We as people have been put together to co-exist, work and spend time with several different people a day, whether it’s our families, work colleges or friends we spend time with them, we share energy with them.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

In my case I understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not a human having a spiritual/light experience, with that comes one more thing, being a spiritual/light being, we must remember that other “beings” will attach itself to our energy bodies as well to survive, it does not really matter how we believe but this is a true fact, there are unfortunately bad entities just as there are good ones, like many other things in life.

So how do these attach to us? You might ask?

When we have bad relationships, trauma or just toxic people in our lives, yes, I know that it’s not our choices but they do happen, these bad entities utilize the “weaker” person (the one causing all the drama, pain and suffering) to piggy-back on and then affect your life.

In turn when you “release” yourself from that “person” they leave behind something called toxic umbilical cords that are attached to your aura, a spiritual person can see these invisible cords, and that’s when they usually will suggest a spiritual cord cleansing and cutting session.

Photo by Deden Dicky Ramdhani from Pexels

We tend to become very tired, drained, emotionally unstable, aggressive and one sided when we have these attachments and need to get them cleared.

Now my post is not trying to tell anyone that they need to find a spiritual master and go for immediate clearing, just consider that just as this tree, cords can attach to you, and the only way to release yourself is to clear them.

No all-mental health issues have to do with a medical situation, it could very well be a toxic attachment that you are just not aware of.

I hope this helps someone dealing with a hard time, and just not understanding why.

If anyone has any questions regarding this post, I am always available to assist.

Blessings xx