A Little Message For The Day …



Everyday morning we start our new day, wishing for it to be a good day, starting with positive vibes, hoping for the best.

What we think and how we let our thoughts run wild is how our day turns out, if we start with the day is great, 99% of the time the day will be great,

But unfortunately if we start our day with “what’s going to go wrong again today” our outcome that we have asked for will be a negative and our day will be a nightmare.

Just as we are what we eat, and many more people are becoming more health conscious, realizing that we can not always put junk into our bodies and expecting it to perform at its best.

Just like that our thoughts are also what we “Feed” our minds, and those thought manifest the actual outcome we are asking for, if its complaining and negative all the time, you will only enhance the complaining and negative,

As the quote says, do you see everything in your life as a miracle or do you see nothing in your life as a miracle, Give it a thought, look at what your thoughts are daily, good or bad.

Make a conscious choice on being truly happy or being truly alone and sad. That will dictate your outcomes and assist your manifestations, as manifestations are only attracting everything you think and want.

Blessings xx


A Little Message For The Day …

“Love or Hate”

For Today, What do you choose ?

Whatever the choice is that anyone makes, remember that that choice can pick someone up and make their day, or destroy the little life they have left.

Never assume … always be kind.

No matter what ..

Blessings xx

For The Ladies Today ….

“Strange and Powerful”

Good day everyone.

Just a message for all the ladies out there, we have the choice to decide who we are and who we want to be ..

One life, One Dream ..

Blessings xx

Time !!

“My Time”

I seriously don’t know what is happening to our respect and structure in this world of ours today,

The way I was raised, and how we were taught by our elders was that you should always respect someone’s time, time is the one thing no one can get back when it’s lost ..

This morning for me for instance, a repair company makes arrangements to come and fix some kitchen cupboards that I have been waiting for them to come and repair for over three weeks now, the lady sends me a message and tells me to please be ready for them, they will start today at 8:30 am.

Ok … was my reply to her, me thinking that “ awesome” eventually they will fix these cupboards that’s been frustrating me for days.

Well, so here I get up early, arrange to clear all the cupboards so they can comfortably work this morning.

Mmmm… no one arrives, no message, not even a excuse.. for me that is just downright dis-respectful, I don’t care about them not coming to work today, but what I do care about is them messing with my precious time.

We have just so many hours is the day, I am sure you all feel the same about that, we have to rearrange our entire day to accommodate someone that can’t even respect you enough to say “ Hey, I have a problem, we are going to be late”

Long story short, my message for you on this subject this morning …

Guys, your time is so so precious, every minute of every day is meant to live they way you need and want to live it, when we realize how short some of our days really are and how quick it passes us by, that’s when we will provide ourselves the ultimate respect and protect our own time.

Don’t let people mess with your time, like I said earlier … it’s the only thing in this entire world that we can never get back ..

Have an awesome day everyone, stay blessed and safe today.

Blessings xx

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A Little Message For The Day …


Good Morning Readers and Friends ..

When we are spiritually connected with ourselves and our God /creator / Universe / Great Spirit, we tend to be more sensitive to our surroundings.

Most people in their daily lives don’t have too much time to focus on their surroundings, they wake up, sort out the kids, go to work, get back home, eat and go back to sleep just to do the same thing again tomorrow.

Our surroundings and the energy around us all have a message, most just don’t know how to evaluate that energy or listen to it. Instead they just take it at face value and process it for what they think it is.

Life has a way to “Nudge” us into the direction that we are meant to go, and as the message says, “Your Current Situation is giving you the opportunity to re-evaluate what you really want”.

My message for you today is to be a little more sensitive to your surroundings, see what it is trying to tell you and really re-evaluate what you need and what you want when your surroundings become hard and unbearable. Don’t get upset with what is happening to you…sit down and listen, feel and process the information it provides, if you listen well enough, you will see where it is guiding you.

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day …


Great Achievement ?

What does it take for a Great Achievement ?

Today I have been pondering on how many sacrifices we have made and continue to make everyday to achieve a great achievement. I for one have been pushing so hard, everyday, getting up and facing the same battles, in the hardest conditions with sometimes no resolve.

Why is that ?

Is it life trying to mature our souls for the journey we have to walk, or is it a lesson of more and more patience ?

Patience yes, but the most important action in a situation like this is perseverance, we can not go and lie down and give up because life has aimed a bright red laser beam at us,

Giving up is not an option if you want to achieve greatness, you can simply not let it be, you have to push through, you have to get up and try again, and again if needed.

Throughout history every great achiever have faced battles, tough environments, lies and deceptions, but never have the failed at themselves,

With the correct attitude and the correct perseverance anything can be done, any obstacles can be overcome, as long as you want it, as I wrote the other day, you can not fail at being yourself,

Stand up, pull your shoulders up, chin up and most of all be brave, life is tough, but you are tougher !!

Remember who you are great achiever.. go out there and be amazing !!

Blessings xx

Bonus Recipe-Anti-Flam Smoothy


How Many of you guys have this continues annoying and irritating pain?

Yes, when we are young, having fun, playing sports or taking numerous risks, never one minute thinking about our bones and muscles and the amount of pressure we put our body under.

As we grow older and become more quieter, that’s when the body starts speaking out loud…

Pain, pain and more pain, that’s all we get used to, day in and day out.

Recently, I have been experiencing pain in places that I never thought I even had, for a long time I researched to find the perfect anti-inflammatory natural combination that can be used to treat and maintain this pain daily.

This next bonus recipe was put together to initially help out with inflammation in my body, it was also combined with some other ingredients to help maintain so that the pain is not so intense when it comes around. For me this recipe works quite well.

This recipe is part of my Natural Healer E-Book which will be available for purchase soon.

Make sure you check it out when it comes available.

The Anti-Flam Smoothy

  • 1 Cup Coconut Water
  • 1 Fresh Orange Juice (Raw)
  • 1/2 Tbsp Raw Honey
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Green Apple (Cored and Diced)
  • 1 Cup Baby Spinach
  • 1 Tbsp Fresh Ginger (Grated)
  • 1 Tbsp Fresh Turmeric Root (Grated)
  • 1 Pinch Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • 1 Pinch Powdered Cinnamon

This recipe is best served cold.


Blessings xx

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Pexels: Joris Neyt, Alari Tammsolu, Elif Tekkaya, Tamanna Runee, Hana Mora, Pew Nguyen, Angele J, Mareefe, Eva Elijas


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A Little Message For The Day….


Good Morning Fellow Readers..

My wish for you today is that every single one of you feel Valuable and Worthy, when you feel these emotions you radiate and attract that exact emotion…

We are what we think, and what we think we become…

Simply changing the way you feel about yourself, you will be attracting to yourself what you physically and emotionally need…

When you realize that you are the author of your life story, you can start by accepting that you do Deserve the best life has to offer…

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day …


Just a friendly hello from me to you today…

As the Christmas/ Winter solstice season officially started and “can you believe it” it’s already December, scary how fast this year went…

As another year will soon come to an end, remember that the most important thing is this life is not gifts but love, unconditional and total acceptance love, I wish you all a beautiful December and may you be loved the way you deserve to be loved…

Life is meant to be an amazing experience, we are meant to experience ultimate joy, love, happiness and most of all peace, once we have achieved peace we can learn to really live…don’t ever judge yourself for wanting peace, we grow and evolve and with that comes silence, internal silence, this is when you learn who you are, who you really are…

Accept yourself totally, with everything you are, good parts and bad parts. You are you and no one in this world can take that from you…

Enjoy this season of love and joy, togetherness and family, may you have a good ending to a very stressful year….

Blessings xx

Bonus Recipe – Potassium Loaded Breakfast Smoothy

Good day fellow readers,

Today I want to share one of my favorite breakfast smoothies, I have learned to use this one after I had a massive medical scare, The doctor mis-diagnosed me with meds and caused serious muscle failure throughout my body, every muscle failed. At that stage I did not know it was the meds and continue using them as prescribed,

One day I woke up feeling extremely weak, and for a person that always does things for themselves and do not rely on others I decided to self-diagnose (Guys please don’t do that lightly), I was too worried of returning to the doctor, see where I live, in a total different culture and language than mine, there are only two doctors that treats my condition. So I took a chance, I knew it was risky, but what could I do, I could not speak to my doctor in my own language and explaining what was happening was way too difficult and I was already so so bad.

So, I tried, It worked, slowly my muscle strength returned, It took nearly 6 months to get better, I could only recuperate slowly and did not want to put too much pressure on my weak muscles. I knew that minerals, trace minerals and vitamins in fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and spices was the only answer, I researched for weeks on end, learning exactly what is needed and in which amounts.

This smoothy was put together for this specific reason, It was the only one that was palatable enough to drink every day and is worked like a charm, Today I am nearly back to normal, I still have some little issues, but am working on them through another diet plan.

So without no further delay, the recipe, (this recipe make two servings)

  • 2 Scoops Plant Based Protein Powder.
  • 1 Scoop of Collagen Vanilla Powder.
  • 1 Cup of Oats.
  • 4 Bananas.
  • Blueberries (as many as you want to add)
  • 1/2 a Teaspoon Matcha Powder.
  • 1 Teaspoon Turmeric.
  • 1/2 Black Pepper.
  • 1 Teaspoon Maca Powder.
  • 1 Teaspoon on Superfood Greens Powder.
  • 1 Teaspoon of Echinacea Dried Leaves.
  • 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
  • Fill the blender with Almond Milk and a bit of spring water if to thick.

Be sure to try this recipe especially if you have to recuperate from some illness. It worked for me, and I truly hope it will work for you as well as it had for me.

Please Enjoy….

Blessings xx