A Little Message For The Day..


Do you realize how powerful you really are ??


A Little Message For The Day..

“Love and Respect”

I am not sure how others view themselves, but to me this message is so true, Does our lives depend on how we view ourselves ?

Personally I think it is very real, If we don’t view ourselves with respect and love, then we are nothing more than a empty shell, we can not depend on others to give us love and respect, if we don’t have it for ourselves, how can we accept what we don’t understand or feel ?

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Take some time out of your day and affirm that you do Love and Respect yourself, remind yourself this every single day, so that you can enable yourself to dictate how you need to be treated, by yourself and others.

Blessings xx

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A Little Message Of The Day..

“Self Esteem”

We do get lonely sometimes, other times we feel lonely within ourselves even if we have what we always wanted, we do sometimes sacrifice so so much to keep everyone else happy, the message today is to let you all know that you should always keep your Self Esteem a priority, you don’t need to Sacrifice your Self Esteem for any kind of Affection or Acceptance, if someone truly loves you with their complete being, you would not need to sacrifice anything of yourself to be in their space.

Blessings xx

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A Little Message For The Day..


This is so true, we are the one’s teaching others how to treat us through what we allow or not, there is no shame in setting boundaries, clear direct and complete boundaries. Love yourself enough to not put yourself into situations where you get hurt unnecessarily. You are the only one there for You, You can only protect You, you owe it to yourself !!

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day ..


Just a little reminder for everyone out there… if you are down or stressed, always remember … “You are Magic”

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day..


When we take our power back, no one can break us for we are made for ourselves and not for anyone else !

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day..

“Take Your Power Back”

To all the one’s feeling run down and exhausted.

Repeat this affirmation daily and see how it will transform your life.

Take your power back ! don’t let anyone use your energy without your consent. “Energy vampires” tend to latch onto your spirit body and drain you of your energy and strength, making you feel like you don’t have the will to continue, especially when you are emotionally down as well.

PS: Remember we are here for anyone that needs to talk or in need of emotional support, talking and releasing cropped up tension helps to clear those old emotional blockages and allows you to grow.

Don’t worry the first conversation is free, when you are happy and feeling better we then have a discussion with a plan for the next sessions. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose.

Blessings xx

A Little Message For The Day..

“You Are Not Alone”

Sometimes when life pressure you so much and you feel like there is no way out, no support as no one understands your struggle, or see’s your pain, remember you are not alone, the entire cosmos is with you !!.

Make the best of your coming week, even if it’s one of the hardest things to do right now, keep your head up.

Blessings xx

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A Little Message For The Day..

“Life Struggle’s”

We all know how difficult life has become these days, we were all placed here on this earth to allow our souls to grow, that is the intended purpose, but with life today, all we have become is to survive and work to make our lives happen. We don’t have the time or make proper time to explore our spiritual soul purpose. 

Daily struggle’s is a normal part of being alive, our days are sometimes smooth and other time’s it feels like everything goes wrong, I had a very special friend that once told me, if these bad day’s come, to just face them head on, for your own sanity and peace. The quicker you deal with those issues the quicker you can relax and process those thoughts and feelings.

Now out of my own experience it’s not that easy to do, I myself had tried many a day to face the problems and deal with them one by one, for the most part is works, the minute you face your darkness the faster your soul can relax and you can focus on the important tasks in this life and most of all enjoy your journey.

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My message for you today is that no matter how dark you days look, no matter how bad your problem is, face that darkness, so that you don’t get caught up in life’s struggles. 

This is so so important for your mental and physical health. Mentally, because emotional stress hinders your mind and soul and makes you feel trapped and feeling like there is no light at the end of that tunnel, physically, this stress manifests within your body and eventually through your physical health some illnesses all of a sudden shows up and you start suffering under this continues “feeling bad”, this in turn is all that happens daily which only makes you sicker and sicker.

We are meant to learn and experience life to the fullest. We are not built to stress and worry all the time. The need for you to practice self-care is more important now that ever.

Like the quote says “Don’t fill life with struggles, Fill life with joy, a flower always struggles to survive, but it never forgets to bloom with joy”

You have the strength to make a choice of happiness or a choice of struggles, decide wisely and make the best choice for you. You are far more important to yourself, never ever forget who you are!!

Blessings xx 

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